The LST's review process is meant to ensure the continuation of high quality results from the LST project. The review is not meant as a replacement for the standard CTA SAPO review process but as both a prior and parallel review with CTA SAPO. This is an evolving process so please refer to this page for the latest information, guide, and procedure. If there are any questions, please contact the current LST Publication Manager :
David Green

Who and what needs to undergo LST review?

If you are presenting results on behalf of the LST project, then the contribution needs to undergo the LST review process. If you are showing results which use LST-1 data outside of the CTA Consortium (public talks, conferences, or peer reviewed journals) then the associated material (abstracts, proceedings, talk slides, and posters) need to undergo LST review. If your results are using only MC data then you do NOT need to undergo LST review.

How do I undergo LST review?

Under going LST review is a critical step in any publication, whether in a refereed journal or a conference contribution. First, Please familiarize yourself with the CTAC Publication Policy and CTA SAPO. The LST Review is described in the LST Data Access and Publication Policy. The current version can be found on the LST Wiki.

Style Guide

There are few things to help with consistency of the output from the LST collaboration:

  • The official name of LST is "Large-Sized Telescope".
  • The preferred abbreviation is LST-1.
  • When referring to LST, do NOT call it the “first prototype” or “first LST-1”. The preferred wording would be “The Large-Sized Telescope prototype (LST-1)” or “The first Large-Sized Telescope (LST-1)”.
  • Authorship should be (abstract, proceeding, talk, poster): A. Aa, B. Bb, C. Cc,…, Z. Zz, for the CTA-LST Project
  • Acknowledgements should include (both in 1st slide of the talk and corresponding section of paper): "This work was conducted in the context of the CTA-LST Project" and "We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the agencies and organizations listed here:"

Authors and Acknowledgements

For conference materails on behalf of the CTA-LST Project, please use the LST author list which can be acquired from the LST Publication Manager. Also please get approval from CTA-SAPO before doing so.

For now, please use the standard CTA acknowledgements in your conference materials. In the near future, LST will have its own acknowledgements and be available to the entire LST Collaboration

If there are any question, please contact the publication manager.